Screen Time/Media

Fern & Feather’s Stance

Our society has become increasingly dependent on phones, television, computers, electronic games, and movies. When a young child engages in these types of activities, a fixed and
abstract image is planted into the child’s mind and they are often challenged to come up with games, story and play that takes places outside of this implanted world. When this occurs it gets in the way of the young child’s imagination and creativity coming into its fullest expression. Part of our job is to help facilitate the proper development of each child. Media use gets in the way of this process.

Some of the well documented effects of media on children include hyperactivity, short
attention spans, emotional disregulation, and an inability to complete tasks. There is much research to support this. The imagination provides a foundation for learning and growth. Unstructructed, child led play is vital for proper development. Children need to be exercising their minds and bodies for this development to occur as well. When sitting in front of a screen, the child is not exercising their body, nor brain as the images and stories are created for them.

Ultimately, it is the parent’s responsibility to determine what they feel is appropriate for their child. Fern & Feather does, however, strongly recommends that there is no media use or screen time for preschool and Kindergarten age children at all. At the very least, avoid screen time or media use of any kind prior to coming Fern & Feather, or any school/program.

Below is a great book by Thomas Kersting entitled “Disconnected, How to Reconnect Our Digitally Distracted Kids” that discusses this issue further. He sites many studies and articles that corroborate his personal findings.