We are quite new to FFFS. Our son joined the school at the tender age of 3! As avid outdoor explorers, we couldn’t wait to get him out there with his forest friends. He really seems to enjoy having his own secret world there apart from his life at home and stories of his little buddies and the fascinating creatures they find together come trickling out throughout the week. My favorite thing that he has learned so far is ‘I have a plan!’ Also, his tree climbing skills have really gotten a boost! Brian and Kyla take the best care to foster his sense of independence and have been troopers in our march toward potty training, even though it’s quite a hard sell to take a potty break in all that rain gear! We are so glad that our son has this opportunity to socialize in the great outdoors. We love our forest school!

Betsey & Caleb – w/ Aben 3 yrs

“This school has been an amazing gift and we are extremely grateful for the experience! Our directors Kyla and Brian deserve special acknowledgement for their courage and insight in bringing this much needed program to our community.”

Fern & Feather Parent

“I am incredibly impressed with both teachers. Even when things are stressful as a result of nature sometimes being unpredictable…the students are always the number one concern. I am absolutely filled with gratitude for this opportunity for our young one.”

Fern & Feather Parent

My wife and I approached Kyla and Brian regarding the possibility of accessing school for our 3 year old.  Our child had reached all of the criteria for admission other than their age. We are delighted that they decided to work with our family. The knowledge and skills of the teachers leave us feeling safe and welcome. We have cherished the chance to witness our little ones confidence, social skills, courage and curiosity continue to blossom.

We believe that the excellent orchestration of child led learning opportunities, a safe and diverse natural space and nature based creative activities all greatly contribute to our little ones development. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to send our wildling to this unique and alternative learning environment as their initial introduction to the pursuit of knowledge. Now we are hoping that they will continue to expand their offerings so that we will have additional alternatives as our child ages.

Micki & Dawn w/ “R” 2.5 Years old