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Enrollment & Pricing

Monday – Friday

9 am until 1 pm

Monthly Pricing:

Note:  We offer 2 options for enrollment which are specified below.

Tuesday/Thursday: $385/month

Mon/Wed/Fri: $565/month

In general we follow the local school School District Calendar with some variations for weather and/or additional programming.


Join the Fern & Feather Forest School community in three easy steps:

1. Talk with the Director: Brian Crosby

See what makes Fern & Feather Forest School unique. Let’s get a phone call scheduled!

2. Complete the Child & Family Portrait Form

Print, complete, and send back via email.  Contact us if this is a problem and we will arrange something else.

3. Take a Tour!

Touring our program and space will give you the time to watch your child(ren) engage, see the ‘classroom’ for yourself, talk with the staff and ask questions before deciding if this is the best environment for your child(ren) and your family.

3. Enroll

Once you’ve toured the program and met with the Director, we may offer you an invitation to enroll.

Our enrollment typically happens online, and once steps 1, 2 & 3 have been completed you may be issued a link via email to get your child enrolled in our program

<<Enrollment continues throughout the school year as space allows. You can discuss a start date with the Director at your tour.>>

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